7 Ways We Help Businesses Recruit 

7 Ways We Help Businesses Recruit 

Elevate Your Recruitment Strategy: Partnering with Tom Hampton Recruitment

I launched Tom Hampton Recruitment earlier this year and I’ve already heard the bible on why people do not use recruiters. So I’m blogging about it and telling you why people use me to help them source candidates for their businesses. 


Industry Expertise

At Tom Hampton Recruitment, we are proud to have been in financial services for over a decade and much of that time has been dedicated to the mortgage and insurance world.

Our team's intimate understanding of various sectors enables us to identify candidates who not only possess the right skills but also align with your company's culture and values.

We also know what you are not looking for and as a result proudly vet candidates which in turn …


Saves You Time

Time is a precious commodity in today's fast-paced world and the average company in the UK spends 35 hours on hiring activities per week.

By entrusting your recruitment needs to a recruiter like Tom Hampton Recruitment, you reclaim valuable time that can be reinvested in core business activities. 

From initial candidate sourcing to final placement, we handle the entire process efficiently, allowing you to focus on driving innovation and achieving strategic objectives.

Before we take on any roles we search the market to help you with … 


Salary and Benefits Benchmarking

Securing top talent requires offering competitive compensation packages. With our salary and benefit benchmarking services, we ensure that your offers are not only attractive to candidates but also aligned with industry standards. 

It may sound trivial but being able to tell you that the job you want to hire for is £4,000 below the average salary for that role in the UK and there are X companies within x miles offering X will show you your candidate market. Knowledge is always power and if you have a proposition that is going to engage candidates you are far more likely to attract them and retain them.

You are always going to need . . .


Access to Candidates

Let’s not tart this up. In today's competitive job market, accessing top talent is paramount and right now is it not easy!We try our hardest to mitigate this through our extensive network and proactive sourcing strategies, Tom Hampton Recruitment provides access to a diverse pool of candidates. Whether you're seeking active job seekers or passive candidates open to new opportunities, our comprehensive candidate database ensures that you find the perfect fit for your team. As part of getting access to candidates, it’s important we follow up after you have hired someone to help with . . . 


Turnover Reduction

High employee turnover can significantly impact organisational productivity and morale. This is and always will be a combined effort and you should work in conjunction with your recruiter.

At Tom Hampton Recruitment we believe that continuing to communicate with candidates for the first 6 months of their employment with you it crucial. Not only does it allow us to get to know your business even better but it also allows us to identify and resolve any issues that may arise.

We’ve benefited from this service in the past when growing our teams so we know it works. It is all part of . . . 


Understanding Your Business

Effective recruitment goes beyond matching skills to job requirements; it entails understanding your unique business needs and objectives. We take the time to understand your company its senior leaders and hiring managers

We also learn about your culture and strategic goals. This deep understanding enables us to tailor our recruitment solutions to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal outcomes for both parties. All in it allows us to focus on long term . . .


Relationship Building

At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to building enduring relationships. Tom Hampton Recruitment strives to grow strong partnerships with both clients and candidates, based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. It is a simple thing like not re-writing candidates ’ CVs to fit job descriptions or hiding their contact details when we pass over a CV.Trust goes both ways and ultimately working with the right companies is paramount for us. If we can’t trust you how can we in good faith put candidates through your front door?

By focussing on relationship building, we foster a collaborative environment where all stakeholders thrive and succeed together.



In conclusion, partnering with Tom Hampton Recruitment empowers your business to attract, retain, and develop top talent effectively. From industry expertise and time-saving solutions to salary benchmarking and relationship building, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your recruitment strategy. 

Contact us today to embark on a journey toward building a high-performing team that drives sustained success.

Reach out to Tom Hampton Recruitment today to explore how our tailored solutions can address your unique hiring needs. No bull**** and false promises. Just one business owner focussed on creating a strong sustainable business with a good image . . . Just like you . . .