Is a Mortgage and Protection Recruitment War Brewing?

Are we on the brink of a recruitment war, or are we already knee-deep in the trenches? Every day, businesses tout their offerings: industry-leading commissions, the best leads, and unparalleled growth opportunities. Just a quick Google search confirms the competitive landscape. But amidst this noise, how does a candidate navigate their next move?

Picture this: You upload your CV online and suddenly, you're besieged by in-house recruiters. They're just doing their jobs, but it's overwhelming. Is this why the advisory space remains so passive? Fear of bombardment or worse, the dreaded discovery by your current employer that you're on the hunt? I’ve been in this position myself and I’ve spoken to 3 people this week who are exhausted with the lack of response to applications. 

Yet, amidst the chaos, there's a glimmer of hope—clarity. Do recruiters truly understand who they're working with? Are the promised leads as good as they sound? Is the commission structure realistic? And crucially, does it prioritise the client's needs? (We'll delve into this in a future blog. And yes candidates often do care) Is there room for growth? Do recruiters invest time in understanding both the client and the candidate they're presenting? Do they foster a network where candidates feel comfortable providing personal recommendations?

Do they test their candidates on knowledge, problem-solving skills and ability to offer advice? 

Yes, the recruitment space can be daunting. But I've always relied on a trusted specialist recruiter to build my sales teams. Knowing that my recruiter understands my needs, my team's dynamics, and my vision has not only saved me time but has also allowed me to focus on nurturing fresh talent in the advisory industry. It's helped me shape diverse future leaders and deliver precisely tailored customer outcomes.
Companies fear using recruiters, while candidates fear in-house recruiters. Can we find a balance?
We are going to do our best to change this space. Please reach out and let’s see how we can navigate this space.