Building a meaningful partnership begins with understanding you and your business. We pride ourselves on delivering customised recruitment solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our approach involves a personal connection to truly grasp your company culture and preferences, ensuring that our recruitment strategy aligns seamlessly with your goals.

Tom has successfully built high performing teams in the mortgage and protection sector and his commitment goes beyond just filling roles. We aspire to be your dedicated business partner. To achieve this, we prioritise face-to-face meetings, believing that a personal touch is crucial in creating a comprehensive picture of your organisation and key in helping us rind you the right talent.

In our candidate sourcing process, we go beyond conventional methods. Alongside an extensive real-time database, national job boards, and a robust network of industry contacts and social media, we stay ahead of the curve by incorporating the latest technologies. This not only enhances the efficiency of our process but also allows us to tap into a broader pool of qualified candidates.

Recognising the significance of diversity and inclusion, we proactively champion these principles in our recruitment initiatives. Tom has played a pivotal role in fostering such inclusive environments throughout his career, taking pride in advocating for exceptional female, LGBTQ+ and Black talent in various roles. Our dedication to cultivating a diverse candidate pool guarantees your access to a wide array of exceptionally qualified professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Our dedication doesn't end with successful placements. We offer post-placement support to facilitate a smooth integration of candidates into your organisation, contributing to their long-term success within your company.

Partner with us, and experience a recruitment process that goes beyond the ordinary — a personalised, technology-driven, and inclusive approach that ensures the perfect match for your team and business objectives

We are a proud member of TEAM - a network of carefully selected and screened independent specialist recruiters. As a result of our membership of TEAM we can meet recruitment requirements outside of our technical expertise, both in the UK and across the globe.  It also helps us to help our clients recruit candidates with very specialised skill sets.


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Protection Adviser

With a diverse background spanning various roles in the Financial Services sector, this candidate has amassed extensive experience as a Protection Expert, Consultant, and Sales Leader. From advising on a range of protection products to leading teams and ensuring compliance, they have consistently demonstrated expertise in providing tailored solutions to meet client needs.

Performance Manager / Head of Underwriting

Accomplished leader in Financial Services with expertise in strategic planning, data analysis, and transformative decision-making. Adept at fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and communicating complex insights to stakeholders at all levels. Proficient in SQL and Tableau, ready to leverage skills to enhance commercial and customer insights for organisational success.

Protection Adviser

A driven and capable protection adviser now looking to become a focal point for someones protection business. Very well versed in working different lead sources and a proven target hitter.

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